Seafood Product MBA MSC Location
Abalone * U.S. -Farmed, Closed System
Amberjack All regions
Anchovy: Argentine * Atlantic Southwest
Arctic Char * U.S., Iceland, Norway, Canada -Farmed, Closed System
Barramundi * U.S. -Farmed, Closed System
Barramundi All regions
Bluefish U.S. -Hook and Line, Gill Net, Pound Net
Catfish * U.S. -Farmed, Closed Ponds
Catfish * South Fresh Aquaculture
Clams: Atlantic Surf Clams U.S.
Clams: Hardshell/Quahog * Farmed
Clams: Manila * Farmed
Clams: Cockle * Farmed
Clams: Cockle, Burry Inlet * Burry Inlet, New Zealand -Hand harvested
Clams: Razor * Washington, Oregon, Quinault Nation
Clams: Softshell/Steamers * U.S. Atlantic -Hand Raked
Clams: Geoduck * Washington, British Columbia
Chilean Sea Bass * S. Georgia, Roth Sea, HIMI, Falkland, Macquarie Islands
Chilean Sea Bass * HIMI, Falkland, and Macquarie Islands -Longline
Cobia * U.S. -Farmed, Closed System
Cod: Atlantic * Northeast Arctic, Iceland, East Baltic -Hook and Line
Cod: Atlantic * Atlantic, Northeast
Cod: Pacific * U.S. -Bottom Longline, Jig/Pot
Cod: Pacific * Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands, and Gulf of Alaska
Crab: Blue * U.S. Chesapeake Bay -Trotline
Crab: Blue * Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana
Crab: Dungeness * California, Oregon, Washington -Pot/Trap
Crab: Dungeness * * Oregon
Crab: King (Blue, Golden, Red) U.S.
Crab: Snow * Gulf of St. Lawrence and Eastern Bering Sea -Pot, Trap
Crab: Stone * U.S. Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico -Trap/Pot
Crayfish/Crawfish * U.S. Farmed
Haddock * U.S. Atlantic -Handline
Haddock * Canada, Norway, Barents Sea, Iceland, North Sea
Hake * South Africa and U.S. and B.C. Pacific -Trawl
Halibut: Pacific * U.S. Pacific, Longline
Halibut: Pacific * British Columbia, U.S. North Pacific
Herring U.S. and Canada
Hoki * Argentina, New Zealand
Lobster: American * Eastern Canada (LFA 41)
Lobster: Caribbean Spiny * Florida -Trap
Lobster: California Spiny * California -Trap
Lobster: Rock * Tristan da Cunha Islands
Lobster: Rock * Western Australia
Mackerel: King, Spanish * U.S. Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico -Hook/Line, Gillnet
Mackerel: Atlantic * U.S. and Canada -Purse seine
Mackerel: Atlantic * Northeastern Atlantic
Mackerel: Chub, King * All fishing regions
Mahi Mahi * U.S. Atlantic – Handline, Troll, Pole and Line
Marlin: Blue * Hawaii
Mullet: Striped * U.S. Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico -Cast Net, Haul Seine
Mussels * Farmed
Mussels: New Zealand Greenlip * Farmed
Mussels: Blue * U.S. -Farmed
Oysters: East Coast * Farmed
Oysters: West Coast * Farmed
Perch: Yellow * Lake Erie -Gillnet, Trap Net
Pollock All fishing regions
Pollock * Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea, and Aleutian Islands
Pollock: Atlantic * Norway -Gillnet, Purse Seine
Pompano All fishing regions -Hook and line
Prawn: Northern * Canada
Prawn: Freshwater * U.S -Farmed, Pond
Rockfish: Brown, Copper, Puget Sound * Alaska -Hook and Line, Jig
Sablefish/Black Cod * * Alaska and British Columbia -Longline, Pot
Salmon: King, Sockeye, Coho, Chum, Pink * Alaska -Gillnet, Purse Seine, Troll
Salmon: Pink, Chum, Sockeye * British Columbia
Salmon: Coho * U.S. -Farmed,Tank System
Salmon: Ora King * New Zealand -Farmed
Salmon: Skuna Bay * British Columbia -Farmed
Sardine * U.S. Pacific Northwest and British Columbia
Sardine * Gulf of California -Purse Seine
Scallops * Farmed -Off Bottom Culture
Scallops: Mexican Sea * Diver Caught
Scallops: Peruvian Calico, Mexican Bay Diver Caught
Scallops: Sea * Eastern Canada
Scallops: Weathervane * Alaska -Dredged
Sea Urchin: Red, Green * Canada -Diver caught
Shrimp: Pacific White * U.S. -Farmed Inland Pond or Recirculating Tank
Shrimp: Black Tiger * * CenSea
Shrimp: Canada * * Canada
Shrimp: Northern Pink Atlantic
Shrimp: Pink * * Oregon
Shrimp: Spot Prawn * British Columbia -Pots, Traps
Snapper: Yellowtail, Vermillion U.S.
Snapper: Lane All fishing regions -Hook and Line
Snapper: Queen All fishing regions
Sole * Gulf of Alaska, North Sea
Sole: Dover Pacific Ocean
Squid: Longfin * U.S. Atlantic -Otter Trawl
Squid: Market U.S.
Striped Bass * U.S. Atlantic -Hook and Line
Striped Bass (Hybrid) * U.S. -Farmed
Sturgeon: White * British Columbia -Farmed, Closed System
Swordfish * U.S. Atlantic, Eastern Pacific,Canada -Harpoon, Handline
Swordfish Atlantic and Pacific Ocean
Swordfish * Canada, Southeast US -Harpoon , Longline
Tilapia * U.S. and Ecuador -Farmed, Closed System, Pond
Tilapia U.S., South and Central America
Trout: Rainbow * U.S. -Farmed, Flow Through System
Trout: Seatrout * LA, FL – Hook and line, drift gillnet, seine net, cast net
Tuna: Albacore * Pacific, British Columbia, Fiji, New Zealand
Tuna: Albacore * U.S. and Canada Pacific -Troll, Pole
Tuna: Bigeye * U.S. Atlantic -Troll, Pole
Tuna: Skipjack * Atlantic, Pacific -Troll, Pole, Unassociated Purse Seine
Tuna: Skipjack * Western and Central Pacific Ocean, Maldives, Baja
Tuna: Yellowfin * U.S. Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific -Troll/Pole,
Tuna: Yellowfin * Baja Califonria
Wahoo U.S. Atlantic and Pacific
Walleye/Pike Red Lakes
White Seabass * California -Hook and Line
Whitefish: Lake * Lake Superior, Huron, Michigan -Trap Net, Gill Net
Wreckfish * U.S. South Atlantic -Hydraulic Hook and Line