Clam Bakes

Clambake Season in Northeast Ohio is a very unique experience. Unlike the Eastern Seaboard and other Coastal areas that celebrate Clambakes in the Summer months. Cleveland Ohio has its own twist on this fabulous feast. In Cleveland or Northeast Ohio in general we call the Fall, Clambake Season. From the weekend after Labor Day to the last weekend in October it is Clambake Season. In backyards, parks, restaurants or any other venue that you can fire up a Clam steamer and fill the air with the flavors and aromas of a seafood treat like no other you will find northeast Ohioans during our Clambake Season.
Clambake Spread

Each CLAMBAKE PAC-OUT includes:

  • 1 dozen Middleneck Clams – washed &bagged
  • 1 half chicken (approx 1.25″-1.5″)
  • 1 ear of sweet corn
  • 1 sweet potato
  • 4 oz cole slaw
  • Roll & butter, extra butter for clams
  • Plate, bowl, hot drink cup, butter cup and plastic utensil kit

Additional Options:

  • King Crab legs
  • Live Lobsters
  • Lobster tails
  • Shell-on shrimp
  • Mussels


Clambake Equipment and Capacity

Catanese Classic Seafood has rental equipment for your clambake. Please mention when calling for pricing/deposit information.

We do not provide Propane.

  • Square Pot: Fits 15 Full Clambakes (1 burner needed)
  • Three Basket: Fits 30 Full Clambakes (1 burner needed)
  • Four Basket: Fits 40 Full Clambakes (2 burners needed)
  • Six Basket: Fits 55 Full Clambakes (2 burners needed)
  • Nine Basket: Fits 95 Full Clambakes (3 burners needed)
  • Disposable Steamer: Fits 8 Full Clambakes (Stove/ Grill needed)
  • Per Steamer Basket Holds: 30 doz Middlenecks OR 15 doz Cherrystones
  • Square Pot Holds: 50 doz Middlenecks OR 25 doz Cherrystones

View our complete cooking instructions here!

Clambake Questions?

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