Middleneck Clams

Hosting a clambake can cause even the best chefs, event planners, and caterers to break a sweat.  Never fear, we have everything you need to keep this Cleveland tradition alive and well (and promise the only sweat you’ll break will be from running between the party and the keg).

Step 1: Take Inventory
One of the most crucial steps in planning a clambake is to take an inventory on the number of guests attending your bake and the size of their appetites.  From there, decide if you want to order complete bakes, just clams, or an assortment of clams and specialty items for your guests. Clams can be ordered washed and bagged by the dozen or in larger quantities washed or unwashed. We offer steamer and burner rentals, however, we DO NOT rent propane burners.

A complete bake includes (per person) :

  • 1 dozen middleneck clams
  • 1/2 chicken
  • sweet potato
  • coleslaw
  • roll and butter
  • extra butter for clams
  • paper products and utensils

Create your ideal clambake with any of the fish and seafood items from our retail market.  Some popular additions to a clambake include:

  • king crab legs
  • live lobsters or frozen lobster tails
  • shell-on shrimp
  • mussels
  • oysters
  • clam chowder
  • lobster bisque
  • snow crab clusters

Step 2: Call In Your Order
A week ahead of your clambake, give us a call at 216-696-0080 to place your order.  This lead time gives us the opportunity to help clients with pricing, order quantities, equipment, and specialty items for your bake.  We are more than happy to answer questions and set you up with the right equipment over the phone.

Step 3: Pick Up Your Clambake
Pick up your clambake and equipment from our retail market located at 1600 Merwin Ave. Cleveland, OH 44113.  Please note that we do not rent propane and tanks.  When you pick up your clambake make sure to grab a “Catanese Classic Seafood Clambake Instructions” or download our PDF version here.

Step 4: The Clam Before the Storm
Pick a shielded, wind-free spot to set up your steamer, fire up the propane (don’t torch your eyebrows), and get cookin’.  Do not use an open fire or charcoal to heat your steamer. Remember to follow the detailed instruction guide above.  Most importantly, clambakes have survived as a tradition in Northeast Ohio because they gather people for good food and a good time.  Relax and enjoy the beautiful Fall season in Ohio.

In 2014, Debbi Snook joined us on a trip to experience first-hand the clam and oyster harvest process at Cherrystone Aqua-Farms, pictures from the trip are below.  Snook’s full Plain Dealer article can be found on Cleveland.com Click Here.  Photos courtesy of John Kuntz, Cleveland.com

Looking for a caterer?  We recommend Chefs For Hire 216-692-6488 or DeNardo’s Catering 440-364-3127.