Crab products are one of the most popular segments of the seafood world. We source crab products from every corner of the US to ports worldwide to bring you the best selection available. As with all our purchasing, we strive to bring the most sustainable crab items to market.

Pasteurized Crabmeat

Boss Brand: (Portunus Pelagicus) available in 1 lb or 8 oz. cans

  • Jumbo Lump
  • Super Lump
  • Lump
  • Special
  • Claw

Supreme Brand: (Portunus Haanii) available in 1 lb. cans

  • Jumbo Lump
  • Super Lump
  • Lump

Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus):

  • Live
  • Cooked
  • Fresh & Pasteurized Canned

Other Crab Varieties:

  • Soft Shell Crabs (May – October)
  • Stone Crab Claws (May – October)
  • King Crab
  • Dungeness Crab
  • Jonah Crab
  • Centolla Crab
  • Snow Crab
  • Imitation Crab (surimi)


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