Wild-Caught Ribbonfish. 





  • Belons: Casco Bay, Maine 3″-4.5″ strong brine with intense copper finish
  • Lucky Lime: Hope River, PEI, Canada 3-3.5″ flavor of seaweed with a citrus finish
  • Moon Rise: Crowe’s Pasture Beach, Mass. 3.5″ salty-sweet
  • St. Anne: PEI, Canada 2.5-3″ average salt with a mid-melon finish
  • Wianno: Cape Cod, Mass 3″+ 
  • Irish Point: PEI, Canada 2.75″ superb salty taste 
  • Winter Harbor:  Maine, 3.25 inches, clean deep uniform cups and crisp meat yields full oceanic salinity with a high brine up front and a nice sweet creamy finish
  • Davenport: East Dennis, Mass. medium brine, notes of umami with a mineral finish
  • French Kiss: Miramichi Bay, New Brunswick, deep cup and a full-meat, 
  • Fanny Bay: Baynes Sound, Canada 2.75″ sweet mineral finish
  • Emerald Cove: British Columbia, Canada 3.5″ medium salinity, cucumber finish
  • Dabob: Outer Hood Canal, WA 3″ High brine, melon finish
  • Kumamoto: Oakland, Washington 2″ mild brine with creamy meats, and a honeydew finish 

Lenten Specials:

As you probably know Lent has officially begun, and we have everything you need for your weekly seafood feast.  Our retail has a full line of breaded, frozen fish and seafood, fresh cod, walleye, and tilapia.  


Available this week: 

Ribbonfish.  AKA Cutlassfish, arrives to us from the U.S. Atlantic Coast, but can be sourced from the Gulf of Mexico as well.  These whole fish range from 2-4 lbs. each, and 2-3 feet long.  They are swift swimmers, who are also bottom-dwellers who only surface to feed.  Rich in protein and omega-3’s.  

Open Blue Cobia.  Premium farmed product from Panama.  

Whole Pompano. 

Strawberry Grouper. From the Gulf of Mexico, 2-3 lb. whole fish.  

Golden Corvina

Pacific Dover Sole Fillet

Steelhead Trout

Skrei Cod fillet 

Pacifico Striped Bass:  Pacifico Aquaculture’s striped bass are unique in that they are the only farmed striped bass to be given a 4-Star (highest rating) by the Best Aquaculture Program which evaluates the sustainability and practices of the processor, farm, hatchery, and feed of farmed seafood products.  Raised in the open ocean of Baja, California with minimal handling and quick delivery.  Find out more information here.