Market Updates:

  • Sockeye Salmon season is starting to wind down so expect spotty availability throughout the next few weeks. Coho availability should be good!
  • Farmed salmon prices are stable and should remain consistent.
  • Sword prices are expected to gradually move down and Labor Day should be an excellent week for great quality and pricing.
Clam Market Update:
Clams from all origins both Farmed & Wild are in short supply. Clam growth in farms and the wild open ocean have been slow for a few years due to major winter storms. The fishery and farms have not recovered enough to keep up with demand. We expect shortages on all clams for the near future. Farmed Littlenecks seem to be the best option currently. This will surely have an effect on this fall’s Clambake business. For best results please plan your Clambake well in advance.

Featured Specialty Seafood:

Fresh Jumbo Clam Strips

Product Of: USA
Sustainability: Best Choice
2.5″-4″/ 28-34 pieces per lb.
Packed in 1/2 gal. containers

Our hand shucked raw jumbo clam strips are caught off the pristine coastal waters of the Northeast. Fresh surf clams are whitish- orange in color and range from ivory to golden yellow when cooked. They are a little less flavorful than hard shell clams, and are mild and sweet in flavor. The clam strips are jaccarded so they are always tender! Strips are perfect for breading and frying and are well suited as appetizers or entrees.

Onaga/ Queen Snapper

Product of: Atlantic/ Eastern Caribbean
Catch Method: Handline
Sustainability: Good Alternative

Onaga Snapper are line caught by deep-water hand line gear in the waters of the Caribbean. Onaga are beautiful fish with its brilliant red color and unique, long caudal fins. Its flesh is clear/ light pink in color and white when cooked. Onaga has a soft, moist texture, delicate flavor, mild sweetness and large, moist flakes when cooked. Suggested preparations include raw as sashimi, grilled, baked, steamed or sauteed.

Jumbo Fluke

Product Of: USA
Catch Method: Hook and Line
Sustainability Rating: Good Alternative

Summer Flounder, also known as Fluke, are hook and line caught along the east coast. The fishery is heavily regulated in the US, and each state follows its own regulations in regards to how and when the fish can be caught. Fluke is pure white in color when cooked with small flakes and a firm texture. It is sweet and mild in flavor, and is best when cooked with wine, sauce or other liquids to keep it from drying out. Fillets are delicate, so keep preparation simple. Cooking methods include baking, broiling, frying or sauteing.

Specialty Seafood Availability:

  • Blue Hole Trout | Ohio
  • Arctic Char | Iceland
  • Wild Sockeye Salmon | USA
  • Kampachi | Mexico
  • Wild Sockeye Salmon | USA
  • Wild King Salmon | USA
  • Cod Loin, Wild | USA
  • Haddock | USA
  • Boston Pollock/ Blue Cod | USA
  • Monkfish | USA
  • Wolffish | Norway
  • Bronzini | Greece
  • Barramundi | Singapore
  • Fluke, Jumbo, Wild | USA
  • Cobia | Panama
  • Redfish | USA
  • Yellowfin Tuna | USA
  • Mahi Mahi | Ecuador
  • Pacifico Striped Bass | Mexico
  • Grouper Cheeks | Mexico
  • Yellowedge Grouper | USA
  • Hog Snapper | Mexico
  • Caribbean Red Snapper | Mexico
  • Pacific Lane Snapper | USA
  • Queen Snapper | Caribbean
  • Yellowtail Snapper | USA

Oyster Availability:


Harvest Location: Delaware Bay

Growing Method: Cultivated using a custom off-bottom cage system that provides oysters with optimal conditions. They are tumbled frequently throughout the grow out process.

Size: 3.5″/ Deeply cupped, consistent shape

Flavor Profile: Plump and beautiful! Mild briny flavor with a plump texture, sweet flavor and complex ocean finish. Perfect for both half shell presentations and cooked recipes.

  • St. Anne
    PEI, Nova Scotia, Canada
    2.5-3″/Packed with flavor- clean and crisp; average salt content with mildly melon finish
  • Fat Baby
    Long Island, NY
    Extremely deep cups that are hand washed and graded, meats are VERY salty
  • Sunset Wharf
    MA/ 3″
  • Cape Cod Bay
    Cape Cod, MA/ 3″
  • Long Pointers
    Long Point Beach, MA
  • Fiddlehead
    Lewis Bay-Cape Cod,MA
    Surprisingly sweet and meaty with a briny liquor and light metallic finish
  • Great White
    Barnstable, MA
    3.5″/ Moderate salt content with prolonged sweet ocean finish
  • Lady Chatterley
    Northumerland Strait, PEI, Canada
    3.25” / Deep cups, medium-high salinity and a bright, clean finish
  • Washburn Island
    Falmouth, MA
    3.75″/ Very full meats with an amazing salty and creamy flavor
  • Wellfleet
    Cape Cod Bay, MA
    3″/ Medium-high salinity and a bright, crisp finish
  • Wianno
    Cape Cod Bay, Nantucket Sound, MA
    Very clean with a distinct deep cupped shell and sweet briny flavor
  • Sweet Neck
    Katama Bay, Martha’s Vineyard
    4″/ Shells are deeply cupped and meats are pleasantly firm with a mild simple sugar finish- salinity is high.
  • Thunder Caps
    PEI, Canada
    3″/ Rich and salty liquor with a crisp sweetness
  • Kusshi
    Stellar Bay / Vancouver Island – British Columbia, Canada
    2″/ Nice salt content. Robust and full of meat with a sweet cucumber finish.
  • Dabob
    Dabob Bay – Outskirts of Hood Canal, WA
    3″/ Crisp and briny with a fresh and sweet melon finish
  • Estival
  • Salazarian
    Pickering Passage, WA
    3″/ Medium brine, buttery dense meat with a mild granite finish
  • Kumamoto
    Oakland, Washington
    2″ /Mild brine with creamy meats and a honeydew finish
  • Compass Point
    Samish Bay, WA
    3″/ A nice briny oyster that has a melon finish
  • Rock Point
    Hood Canal, WA
    2.75″/ Creamy and sweet with cucumber flavors
  • Salazarian
    Pickering Passage, WA
    3″/ Medium brine, buttery dense meat with a mild granite finish