Featured Specialty Seafood:

Genuine Redfish/ Red Drum

Product Of: Mauritius Island
Catch Method: Farmed
Sustainability: Not Rated

Native to the Atlantic Coast, northern South America and the Gulf of Mexico, Red Drum are known as the best tasting drum species which almost led to its downfall. Overfishing in the past led to closures of most US fisheries, so today most available redfish are farmed.

In marine pens just offshore of Mauritius (Indian Ocean), the fish grow out in spacious conditions with low stocking densities. Divers inspect the nets daily to maintain net integrity and monitor stock health, while maintaining the highest animal welfare standards and preservation of the environment.

Its white flesh is delicate enough to fry and firm enough to grill, and is well suited for raw dishes. Its mild flavor makes it a perfect option for strong flavors and bold spices.

Gulf Wild Gag Grouper

Product of: USA
Catch Method: Line caught
Sustainability: Good Alternative

Some call Gag Grouper the grouper of choice as it offers the best yield and a firmer meat compared to all other groupers on the market. Groupers are found in the temperate waters from the Mid- Atlantic states and Florida, to South America, Central America and the Gulf of Mexico. All of our fish coming in from Gulf Wild are tagged for full traceability, including the catch method, catch location, fisherman, and the vessel from which is was caught.

Gag Grouper has a mild, but distinctive flavor, somewhere between bass and halibut and is white in color when both in the raw and cooked state. The texture is firm, moist and flaky and best when baked, broiled, fried, grilled or steamed. Most chefs love it because it’s incredibly forgiving, remaining moist even if it gets a bit over cooked.

Golden Corvina

Product of: Ecuador
Catch Method: Hook and Line

A resilient Central and South American delicacy, Corvina is a member of the drum family and very similar to redfish. The meat shares many characteristics with Grouper and also makes a great substitute. Golden Corvina is mild, slightly sweet, and cooks up firm with large flakes. Corvina is very versatile and is great for ceviche, as well as grilled or sauteed.

Specialty Seafood Availability:

  • Wild Troll King Salmon, USA
  • Wild Sockeye Salmon, USA
  • Arctic Char, Iceland
  • Ocean Trout, Whole
  • Cod Loins, Iceland
  • Jumbo Fluke, USA
  • Monkfish, USA
  • Ocean Perch, Canada
  • Boston Pollock (Blue Cod), USA
  • Wolffish, Norway
  • Redfish, Marituis Island
  • Pacifico Striped Bass, Mexico
  • Bronzini, Whole, Greece
  • Atl. Halibut, Canada
  • Bluehole Trout, Castalia, OH
  • Mahi, Ecuador
  • Marker Swordfish Loins, USA
  • Yellowfin Tuna, #1 and 2+, USA
  • Golden Corvina
  • Black Grouper, Mexico
  • Red Grouper, USA
  • American Red Snapper, USA
  • Hog Snapper, Mexico
  • Lane Snapper, USA

Market Updates:

-Tuna remains a great menu option as landings remain steady.
-Grouper and Snapper availability is starting to tighten as the storm is starting to move up the coast.
-Wild King Salmon availability increased in California which brought the pricing down. Also, this will be the last real week for sockeye as we move into coho season.
-The Rhode Island Black Bass Season is now closed until mid-September, and sourcing is relied heavily on the Massachusetts catch.
-Excellent landings along the coast has but strong volumes of Live Lobster into the market.
-Iceland’s season has come to an end and will reopen in September.
-Soft Shell Crabs supplies are short as storms along the coast have caused issues. Prices are up and we are seeing very limited offerings.

East Coast Oyster Availability:

  • Great White
    Barnstable, MA
    3.5″/ Moderate salt content with prolonged sweet ocean finish
  • Wellfleet
    Cape Cod Bay, MA
    3″/ Medium-high salinity and a bright, crisp finish
  • Barnstable
    Barnstable Harbor, Cape Cod, MA
    3″/ Sweet, nut-like flavor with firm meats
  • Boomamoto
    Barnstable, MA
    2.5″/ Impeccably clean, bright and lively their naturally smooth shells are polished, round and firm. Always creamy, petite and deeply cupped with a mind-blowing sweet finish
  • Crowe Pasture
    East Dennis, MA
    Full ocean salinity with crisp, clean meats
  • Lt. Island
    Cape Cod Harbor
    3.5” / Full bodied with a buttery flavor and clean finish
  • Malabar
    Barnstable, MA
  • Red Raiders
    Crowe’s Pasture Beach – East Dennis, MA
    3.5″/ Simply put, salty-salty sweet
  • Wianno
    Cape Cod Bay, Nantucket Sound, MA
    3-3.5″/ Very clean with a distinct deep cupped shell and sweet briny flavor
  • Egg Island
    Lewis Bay of Yarmouth, MA
    Full meats with an impressive full brine and earthy finish

West Coast Oyster Availability:

  • Hood Canal
    Western Hood Canal, WA
    2.75″/ Light and clear brine with a crunchy meat and a bitter melon finish.
  • Dabob
    Dabob Bay – Outskirts of Hood Canal, WA
    3″/ Crisp and briny with a fresh and sweet melon finish
  • Skookum
    Little Skookum Inlet, South Puget Sound, WA
    3.5”/ Full flavors, low brine and vegetable like finish
  • Big Cove
    Southern South Puget Sound, WA
    3″/ Mildly salty & very sweet with a fruity, melon like finish
  • Oishii
    Willapa Bay, WA
    Conforming to the Japanese translation of “delicious”, Oishii Oysters are renowned for their iconic paisley shape, perfect cocktail size and plump, buttery meats with a sweet yet briny cucumber finish.
  • Kusshi
    Stellar Bay / Vancouver Island – British Columbia, Canada
    2″/ Nice salt content. Robust and full of meat with a sweet cucumber finish.