Featured Specialty Seafood:

Maryland Striped Bass

Product Of: MD, USA
Catch Method: Handlines
Sustainability Rating: Best Choice

In the Atlantic, Wild Striped Bass is a well managed fishery where the coastal states work within strict quota limits and regulations. Because of the regulations in place, wild striped bass is not always available so enjoy this beautiful fish while you can! Fillets have a firm meat that cooks up meaty and flaky, with a full, rich flavor. Striped Bass is extremely versatile and takes well to any cooking method- sear it, saute it, grill it, roast it, steam it or stuff it! Take your pick. We suggest leaving the skin on, as it crisps up nicely and presents itself well when cooked.

American Red Snapper

Product Of: USA (Gulf Wild)
Catch Method: Handline
Sustainability Rating: Good Alternative

American Red Snapper is lean and moist, with a mild and sweet meat that is distinct in flavor.
Fillets are visually appealing and whether grilled, baked, poached, fried or steamed, it is perfect for just about every fin-fish recipe. Whole preparations are great as well!

By choosing Gulf Wild, the system can assure that your fish are locally caught, genuine, responsibly harvested and from a conservation focused fishery. The unique tagging systems allows you to see exactly where the fish was caught, when it was caught, from what vessel and the captain that caught it.

Atlantic Monkfish

Product of: USA
Catch Method: Gill Nets/Bottom Trawls
Sustainability: Good Alternative

It is hard to believe that something so ugly and ferocious is actually mild, and sweet in flavor. The tail meat of monkfish, which is the only part consumed (as well as the liver), is generally compared to lobster, with a firm, dense texture and similar flavor profile. It doesn’t flake readily and is firm like scallop or lobster meat. The raw flesh is off-white and covered with a blue-gray membrane. Before cooking, be sure to remove the membrane covering the fillet. Monkfish is highly versatile and does well with zesty marinades, seasonings and sauces. The firm texture of monkfish means you don’t have to worry about the meat falling apart on the grill or in chowders. Monkfish can also be bakes, broiled, fried, poached or sauted.


Specialty Seafood Availability:

  • Arctic Char, Icealnd
  • Cod Loins, Iceland
  • Jumbo Black Bass, USA
  • Jumbo Fluke, USA
  • Monkfish Fillet, USA
  • Boston Pollock (Blue Cod), USA
  • Ocean Perch, USA
  • Striped Bass, USA
  • Dab Sole Fillet, USA
  • Bronzini, Greece
  • Redfish, USA
  • Pacifico Striped Bass, Mexico
  • Castalia Bluehole Trout, USA-Ohio
  • Atl. Halibut, Canada
  • Sturgeon, USA
  • Pacific Rockfish, USA
  • Pacific Doversole, USA
  • Swordfish Loins, USA
  • Yellowfin Tuna, #1 and 2+, USA
  • Mahi Mahi, Ecuador
  • Black Grouper, Mexico
  • Red Grouper, USA
  • American Red Snapper, USA
  • Caribbean Red Snapper, Mexico

Market Updates:

  • Atlantic Salmon- Chilean supplies continue to tighten and prices continue to rise, and is expected to continue with the trend throughout the holidays.
  • Wild Striped Bass prices are low throughout the remainder of the week and into the next.
  • Tuna supply has been good.
  • Canadian Halibut Fishermen are headed back out this week which should increase supply.
  • Pricing and availability on Walleye have been consistent.

East Coast Oyster Availability:

  • Great White
    Barnstable, MA
    3.5″/ Moderate salt content with prolonged sweet ocean finish
  • Mookiemoto
    Damariscotta River, Maine
    2-2.5″/ Sweet, approachable oyster- East coast taste with west coast style
  • Boomamoto
    Barnstable, MA
    2.5″/ Impeccably clean, bright and lively their naturally smooth shells are polished, round and firm. Always creamy, petite and deeply cupped with a mind-blowing sweet finish.
  • Raspberry Point
    New London Bay- PEI, Canada
    3.25″/ Crunchy meat with a gentle brine and sweet mushroom finish


  • Misty Point
    3”/ High salinity up front finishing sweet with a hint of celery and grass


  • Wianno
    Cape Cod Bay, Nantucket Sound, MA
    3-3.5″/ Very clean with a distinct deep cupped shell and sweet briny flavor



  • Moondancers
    Damariscotta River, ME
    Very briny with a sweet finish

West Coast Oyster Availability:

  • Tide Point
    Willapa Bay, WA
    Medium brine, and a clean, slightly sweet finish.A strong shell, a short and deep cup, and a full meat with little room for liquor.
  • Elkhorn
    Willapa Bay, Washington Coast
    3″/ Firm meats, high brine, sweet flavor and melon finish
  • Fanny Bay
    Baynes Sound, British Columbia, Canada
    2.75”/ Plump meats with full brine and a sweet mineral finish