Featured Specialty Seafood:


Product Of: Mauritius Island
Catch Method: Farmed
Sustainability: Not Rated

Native to the Atl. Coast, northern South America and the Gulf of Mexico, Red Drum are known as the best tasting drum species which almost led to its downfall. Overfishing in the past led to closures of most US fisheries making most available redfish today, farmed.

In marine pens just offshore of Mauritius (Indian Ocean), the fish grow out in spacious conditions with low stocking densities. Divers inspect the nets daily to maintain net integrity and monitor stock health, while maintaining the highest animal welfare standards and preservation of the environment.

Its white flesh is delicate enough to fry, firm enough to grill & well suited for raw dishes. Its mild flavor makes it a perfect option for strong flavors and bold spices.


Product Of: USA
Catch Method: Hook &Line

Lane Snapper is regarded as a delicious, great eating fish due to its diet. Lane Snappers feed on shrimp and crabs which give it a delicious, sweet flavor and firm flesh.


Product of: Peru
Catch Method: Hood and Line

Mero is highly regarded for its intense richness and versatile qualities. It is extremely high in oil content, snow white in color, flakey in texture, and has a buttery sweet flavor.

Specialty Seafood Availability:

  • Kvaroy Arctic Salmon
  • King Salmon, USA
  • Arctic Char, Iceland
  • Black Bass, USA
  • Cod Loins, Iceland
  • Skrei Cod, Norway
  • Jumbo Fluke, USA
  • Ocean Perch, Canada
  • Boston Pollock (Blue Cod), USA
  • Wild Striped Bass, USA
  • Pacifico Striped Bass, MexicoSole 4-6, USA
  • Bronzini, Greece
  • Redfish, USA
  • Castalia Blue Hole Trout, USA-OH
  • Fresh Rock Shrimp 16/20, USA
  • Atl. Halibut, Canada
  • California Halibut, Mexico
  • Yellowfin Tuna, #1 and 2+, USA
  • Swordfish, USA
  • Mahi Mahi, Ecuador
  • Kingklip, Costa Rica
  • Mero, Fresh Chilean Sea Bass, Peru
  • Golden Tilefish, Mexico
  • Parrotfish, Mexico
  • Black Grouper, Mexico
  • Red Grouper, USA
  • Fireback Grouper, Mexico
  • Yellowedge Grouper, USA
  • American Red Snapper, USA
  • Caribbean Red Snapper, Mexico
  • Pacific Lane Snapper, USA

Market Updates:

  • Lake Fish remains tight. We have been seeing very little yellow perch, and minimal walleye in house.
  • Tuna has been a little difficult to source due to increased demand, and less boats out on the water which means prices will increase later this week.
  • Swordfish remains limited due to the moon cycle, however boats are out now and should be in within a week.
  • Flounder on the east coast has been strong, as well as Black Bass landings.
  • Wild Striped Bass will be tight, mainly due to the winter weather.
  • Grouper remains limited, and snapper availability is expected to pick up shortly.
  • Iceland supply remains strong and the quality has been excellent.
  • Live Lobster supply remains an issue with weather playing a huge factor. The weather has kept the boats in, and demand continues to increase.
  • Stone Crab pricing is firm with limited production.

East Coast Oyster Availability:

  • Lieutenant Island | Cape Cod Harbor
    3.5” / Full bodied with a buttery flavor and clean finish


  • Wellfleet | Cape Cod Bay, MA
    3″/ Medium-high salinity and a bright, crisp finish


  • Misty Point | VA
    3”/ High salinity up front finishing sweet with a hint of celery and grass


  • Great White | Barnstable, MA
    3.5″/ Moderate salt content with prolonged sweet ocean finish


  • Belon | Quahog Bay Harpswell, ME
    3-4.5″/ Strong brine with intense copper finish


  • Mookiemoto | Damariscotta River, Maine
    2-2.5″/ Sweet, approachable oyster- East coast taste with west coast style
  • Plymouth Rock | Plymouth Bay, MA
    With 10 foot tides, the oysters split time on the sandbar & underwater giving Plimoth102s a deep, sun bleached cup. The flavor starts w/ a mild brine, then finishes clean, sweet & bright.


  • Boomamoto | Barnstable, MA
    2.5″/ Impeccably clean, bright and lively their naturally smooth shells are polished, round and firm. Always creamy, petite and deeply cupped with a mind-blowing sweet finish


  • Raspberry Point | New London Bay- PEI, Canada
    3.25″/ Crunchy meat with a gentle brine and sweet mushroom finish


  • MoonDancers | Damariscotta River, ME
    Very briny with a sweet finish


  • Barstool | Chappell Creek
    2.5″-3″/ Shells are light in color with a clean crisp flavor

West Coast Oyster Availability:

  • Elkhorn | Willapa Bay, Washington Coast
    3″/ Firm meats, high brine, sweet flavor and melon finish


  • Skookum | Little Skookum Inlet, South Puget Sound, WA
    3.5”/ Full flavors, low brine and vegetable like finish
  • Tide Points | Willapa Bay, WA
    Medium brine, and a clean, slightly sweet finish.A strong shell, a short and deep cup, and a full meat with little room for liquor.


  • Deep Bay | Vancouver Island, British Columbia
    Clean with a good brine for a west coast oyster. Good salt content with a sweet cucumber finish.