Featured Specialty Seafood:


Beautifully colored both in and out of the water, Golden Tilefish are targeted within a selective fishery with little by catch. Golden Tilefish are firm, mild tasting and offer a variety of options in the kitchen. Feeding heavily on crustaceans, Tilefish is mild, yet distinctive, clean in flavor and often compared to lobster or crab. The meat is white when cooked with a firm, flaky texture. Cooking suggestions include baking, broiling, frying, poaching or sauteing, and pan searing.


Product of: Virginia – USA
Catch Method: Hook and Line

Landings remain consistent, with quality product coming from Virginia.


Product of: West Bay, Osterville, MA
Size: 3-4″
Description: Bottom planted for depth of flavor and shell strength.


Product of: Isleboro Maine
Catch Method: Rope Grown – Wash, graded and debyssed, grit free

After a two month hiatus, we are excited to bring back Marshall Coves at the end of the week!

Specialty Seafood Availability:

  • Kvaroy Arctic Salmon
  • Arctic Char, Iceland
  • Black Bass, USA
  • Cod Loins, Iceland
  • Jumbo Fluke, USA
  • Monkfish Fillet, USA
  • Ocean Perch, USA
  • Boston Pollock Fillet, USA
  • Dab Sole, USA
  • Bronzini, Greece
  • Cobia, Panama
  • Pacifico Striped Bass, Mexico
  • Castalia Blue Hole Trout, Ohio-USA
  • Atl. Halibut, Canada
  • California Halibut, Mexico
  • Sturgeon, USA
  • Yellowfin Tuna, #1 and 2+, USA
  • Mahi Mahi, Ecuador
  • Golden Corvina,
  • Golden Tilefish, Mexico
  • Ono Wahoo, USA
  • Black Grouper, Mexico
  • Caribbean Red Snapper, Mexico
  • Pacific Lane Snapper, Panama
  • Medium/Large Stone Crab Claws, USA

Market Updates:

  • Sword pricing will start to come down tomorrow to lower in time for weekend sales. Tuna pricing remains pretty strong.
  • Snapper and Grouper Supplies remain short as this is one of the most difficult weeks in the seafood industry to source a variety of options. Between religious and national holidays annually, in additional to COVID restrictions this year, many of the
  • fishing fleets are in. Prices have increased across the board.
  • Mahi prices are up as there is limited inventory.
  • We should be seeing some beautiful Halibut out of Canada this week.
  • Wild Striped Bass availability is limited
  • Atlantic Salmon: The Chilean market continue to rise, so expect price increases. The Canadian market is steady.
  • Lake Fish availability remains pretty poor
  • Scallops are pretty limited, especially on the larger sizes.
  • Prices should start to fall on flounder, along with Black Bass.
  • Icelandic fisheries are back in business after the holiday and landings have been good!
  • Live Lobster landings continue to be minimal.
  • Stone Crab Claws will be limited due to colder weather in Florida.
  • Mussels and Clams are both a great option.
  • The Snow Crab market is at an all time high in price and the King Crab Market remains extremely tight.

East Coast Oyster Availability:

  • Boomamoto | Barnstable, MA
    2.5″/ Impeccably clean, bright and lively their naturally smooth shells are polished, round and firm. Always creamy, petite and deeply cupped with a sweet finish.
  • Great White | Barnstable, MA
    3.5″/ Moderate salt content with prolonged sweet ocean finish
  • Mookiemoto | Damariscotta River, Maine
    2-2.5″/ Sweet, approachable oyster- East coast taste with west coast style. (Pictured Bottom Right)
  • Foggy Bottom | West Bay, in Osterville, MA
    3-4″ / Bottom planted for depth of flavor and shell strength. (Pictured Top Right)
  • Duxbury | Duxbury, MA
    3.5″ / Very crisp brine with buttery meats.
  • Wianno | Cape Cod Bay, Nantucket Sound, MA
    3-3.5″/ Very clean with a distinct deep cupped shell and sweet briny flavor
  • MoonDancers | Damariscotta River, ME
    Very briny with a sweet finish
  • Thunder Cap | PEI, Canada
    3″/ Rich and salty liquor with a crisp sweetness

West Coast Oyster Availability:

  • Tide Point | Willapa Bay, WA
    Medium brine, and a clean, slightly sweet finish. A strong shell, a short and deep cup, and a full meat with little room for liquor.
  • Skookum | Little Skookum Inlet, South Puget Sound, WA
    3.5”/ Full flavors, low brine and vegetable like finish. (Pictured Right)