Featured Specialty Seafood:


Product Of: Ecuador
Catch Method: Long Line
Sustainability: Good Alternative

*Mahi is a great option currently as availability has been steady and prices are low.*

Known for its electric greenish blue and yellow colors, Mahi is easily one of the most beautiful fish in the ocean. Mahi is found in the tropical and sub tropical waters around the world and was once a by-catch to the tuna and sword fisheries. Mahi has now grown into a directed long line fishery. It is sweet with a mildly pronounced flavor that is similar to swordfish. The meat is lean, firm in texture and has large, moist flakes. Mahi remains moist when cooked and holds up well to most preparations. Cooking methods include baking, broiling, frying, grilling or sautéing.


Product Of: Canada
Catch Method: Hook and Line

The new fishing quota started a couple weeks back, weather has been good and and fishing has been great.


Product of: Wild- USA
Catch Method: Hand Dredge

5-6″ in size- Our scallops are sustainably caught and processed under US Regulations. Wild sea scallops have a sweet, rich taste that is mild in flavor with a touch of brine.

Specialty Seafood Availability:

  • Kvaroy Arctic Salmon
  • Arctic Char, Iceland
  • Black Bass, Jumbo, USA
  • Cod Loins, Iceland
  • Jumbo Fluke, USA
  • Monkfish Fillet, USA
  • Boston Pollock Fillet, USA
  • Sole, USA
  • Bronzini, Greece
  • Cobia, Panama
  • Pacifico Striped Bass, Mexico
  • Fresh White North Carolina Shrimp 16/20, USA
  • Castalia Blue Hole Trout, Ohio-USA
  • Atl. Halibut, Canada
  • California Halibut, Mexico
  • Sturgeon, USA
  • Yellowfin Tuna, #1 and 2+, USA
  • Mahi Mahi, Ecuador
  • Golden Corvina
  • MonChong, Whole
  • Golden Kali, Whole
  • Black Grouper, Mexico
  • Red Grouper, USA
  • Caribbean Red Snapper, Mexico
  • Pacific Lane Snapper, Panama
  • Medium/Large Stone Crab Claws, USA
  • New Zealand Cockles
  • Steamer Clams

Market Updates:

  • The Chilean Salmon market demand remains strong, with limited supplies and firm prices.
  • Halibut availability remains strong as the new quota opened a couple weeks back.
  • Wild Striped Bass is currently unavailable due to slow fishing in areas, and met quotas in other areas.
  • Snapper and Grouper availability remains the same… very limited.
  • Tuna has been in pretty short supply but demand remains high which means product has been challenging to source.
  • Flounder has been in good supply and prices are expected to drop.
  • The Icelandic fishery has been landing great volumes.
  • Fishing on Lake Erie has slowed down due to sustained colder temperatures. The wind is expected to blow over the next couple days, so all the fishermen are currently in. Unfortunately the walleye supply over the next several days (into next week) is not going to be good.
  • The Live Lobster market remains steady with sold landings, and a little decrease in demand.

East Coast Oyster Availability:

  • Boomamoto | Barnstable, MA
    2.5″/ Impeccably clean, bright and lively their naturally smooth shells are polished, round and firm. Always creamy, petite and deeply cupped with a sweet finish.
  • Great White | Barnstable, MA
    3.5″/ Moderate salt content with prolonged sweet ocean finish
  • Mookiemoto | Damariscotta River, Maine
    2-2.5″/ Sweet, approachable oyster- East coast taste with west coast style. (Pictured Bottom Right)
  • Duxbury | Duxbury, MA
    3.5″ / Very crisp brine with buttery meats.
  • MoonDancers | Damariscotta River, ME
    Very briny with a sweet finish


  • Thunder Cap | PEI, Canada
    3″/ Rich and salty liquor with a crisp sweetness


  • Raspberry Point |New London Bay- PEI, Canada
    3.25″/ Crunchy meat with a gentle brine and sweet mushroom finish


  • French Kiss | Neguac, NB, Canada
    2.5” / Deeply cupped with a briny liquor, profound salinity and a mild, sweet finish

West Coast Oyster Availability:

  • Tide Point | Willapa Bay, WA
    Medium brine, and a clean, slightly sweet finish. A strong shell, a short and deep cup, and a full meat with little room for liquor. 
  • Skookum | Little Skookum Inlet, South Puget Sound, WA
    3.5”/ Full flavors, low brine and vegetable like finish. 
  • Toten Inlet | Totten Inlet, WA
    3.25-3.5″/ Beautiful ridged shells- Signature melon and seaweed flavor with a sweet watermelon accents and medium brine
  • Cranberry Creeks | Hood Canal Oakland Bay,WA
    2.5”/ Strong, briny flavor with earthy and granite mineral notes