Market Updates:

Wild Salmon:

  • This years’ Coho run is well behind expectations in Alaska and BC Canada. There has been fish available but not in quantities to lower pricing enough to be considered attractive. Usually September and into the middle of October is prime time for Coho. We are hoping for the Washington State Coho run to be strong to finish the month and get us into October. Be cautious with Coho promotions as we approach the end of Wild Salmon season.

Farmed Salmon:

  • Currently the farmed salmon market is very stable from all origins and we expect this stability to continue into October. Usually a market adjustment occurs in November to ready itself for the high demand throughout the holiday season.

Lake Fish:

  • Walleye fishing has improved and we are seeing signs of the fall season about to start. Lake Erie water temperature is still over 70 degrees and cooling waters are imperative to better production. Yellow Perch fishing is steady and we expect it to continue into October. 2019 Yellow Perch quotas were cut for the third straight year. The reason we mention this now is even though fishing is good currently the overall, catch will be down again this year. In a normal year, there’s barely enough Yellow Perch to get through a winter and spring season before frozen stocks are depleted. In a year with quota reductions for the third consecutive year, winter supplies of IQF Yellow Perch fillet could be a problem. We are freezing product now and hope to have supply through the winter but it will depend on demand.

Farmed Clams:

  • We are now feeling the effects of Hurricane Dorian in the farmed clam market. As discussed earlier, we would see the affect well after the storm passed. We are receiving farmed clams but the farms are struggling to produce enough product for demand. Expect this to continue through the month. Wild Clam supply is alright currently- so far we are receiving enough clams to satisfy demand for Clambake season.

Live Lobsters:

  • For some, live lobsters are a key component to a Clambake. Lobsters molt each year and shed their shells in order to grow larger. The molt takes place in the late spring to early summer. After the shed, a lobster starts to grow into their new shell and feed heavily to gain body mass. By mid to late September they have filled out their shells pretty well. With less demand from the tourist trade in New England, live lobster pricing is attractive. The quality is very good at this time and supply is also good. Expect good supply and attractive pricing on live lobsters through October and into early November.

Featured Specialty Seafood:

Gulf Wild American Red Snapper

Product Of: USA
Sustainability Rating: Good Alternative

American Red Snapper is lean and moist, with a mild and sweet meat that is distinct in flavor.
Fillets are visually appealing and whether grilled, baked, poached, fried or steamed, it is perfect for just about every finfish recipe. Whole preparations are great as well!

By choosing Gulf Wild, the system can assure that your fish are locally caught, genuine, responsibly harvested and from a conservation focused fishery. The unique tagging systems allows you to see exactly where the fish was caught, when it was caught, from what vessel and the captain that caught it. Full traceability!

16/20 Fresh Carolina White Shrimp

Product of: USA
Catch Method: Bottom Trawl

The fresh water from the rivers and the salt water from the Atlantic combine to produce beautiful brackish waters which gives our Carolina white shrimp a stand out flavor that sets them apart from others. White shrimp have a sweet flavor and cooks up firm, for subtle crunchy bite. They are very versatile and work with all kinds of seasonings and spice blends, and can be served hot or cold on any menu. Cooking methods include: boiling, frying, sauteing, steaming.

Opah Loins

Product of: New Zealand
Catch Method: Long line

Certainly one of the most visually stunning species, Opah (Moonfish) were rarely fished in the earlier days of commercial fishing. Availability started to increase as long-lining for sword and tuna increased. Moonfish are caught far from shore, where waters are deep. All catch is monitored and in accordance with the Quota Management System. Opah is amazingly rich and creamy in flavor with a healthy oil content and cooks up white and moist. Opah can be broiled, fried, grilled, sauteed, smoked or steamed.

Fresh Icelandic Cod Loins

Product of: Iceland
Catch Method: Hook and Line

Caught in the deep, cold waters of the Atlantic, Icelandic Cod is hook and line caught in a sustainable manner. Once over fished, the Icelandic Fishery has worked to rebuild stocks and harvest immensely! The pearl white, lean meat has a mild, clean flavor with large, tender flakes. Cod is a mild fish that adapts well to all flavors and cooking techniques, and stays moist after baking, pan frying or steaming. Cod is excellent when breaded, battered and fried for the perfect fish and chips basket.
*Availability has been recently spotty, however direct shipments are back on track with regular deliveries*

Specialty Seafood Availability:

  • Blue Hole Trout | Ohio
  • Arctic Char | Iceland
  • Wild King Salmon | USA
  • Wild Coho Salmon | USA
  • Kampachi | Mexico
  • Mong Chong Fillet
  • Opah Loins | New Zealand
  • Cod Loin, Wild | Iceland
  • Boston Pollock/ Blue Cod | USA
  • Monkfish | USA
  • Wolffish | Norway
  • Pacifico Striped Bass | Mexico
  • Bronzini, Whole or Butterfly | Greece
  • Barramundi Fillets| Singapore
  • Redfish, Whole | USA
  • Pompano | USA
  • Mahi Mahi | Ecuador
  • Yellowfin Tuna | USA
  • Bigeye Tuna | USA
  • Black Grouper | Mexico
  • Gulf Wild Red Grouper USA
  • Yellowedge Grouper | USA
  • Gulf Wild American Red Snapper | USA
  • Caribbean Red Snapper | Mexico
  • Hog Snapper | Mexico
  • Pacific Lane Snapper | USA

Featured Oyster:


Harvest Location: Chappell Creek, PEI, Canada

Size: 3″-3.5″

Flavor Profile: Salty punch with a grassy but crisp, fresh finish.

East Coast Oyster Availability:

  • Barstool
    Chappell Creek, Canada
    2.5″-3″/ Shells are light in color with a clean crisp flavor
  • Great White
    Barnstable, MA
    3.5″/ Moderate salt content with prolonged sweet ocean finish
  • Wianno
    Cape Cod Bay, Nantucket Sound, MA
    Very clean with a distinct deep cupped shell and sweet briny flavor
  • Washburn Island
    Falmouth, MA
    3.75″/ Very full meats with an amazing salty and creamy flavor
  • Belon
    Quahog Bay Harpswell, ME
    3-4.5″/ Strong brine with intense copper finish
  • Misty Point
    3”/ High salinity up front finishing sweet with a hint of celery and grass
  • Whaleback
    Damariscotta River, ME
    Rugged brine, followed by hefty midtones and an abrupt clean finish
  • Lady Chatterley
    Northumerland Strait, PEI, Canada
    3.25” / Deep cups, medium-high salinity and a bright, clean finish
  • Island Kiss
    Chappell Creek, Canada
    3-3.5″/ Salty punch with a grassy but crisp fresh finish
  • French Kiss
    Neguac, NB, Canada
    2.5” / Deeply cupped with a briny liquor, profound salinity and a mild, sweet finish

Featured Oyster:


Harvest Location: Hood Canal, WA

Growing Method: Beach cultivated for extremely hard shells.

Size: 4-4.5″ | Full meats

Flavor Profile: A freshwater like brine, with plump meats and a mild watermelon finish. Fantastic on the half shell and the perfect size for grilling.

West Coast Oyster Availability:

  • Buckley Bay
    Bayne’s Sound, British Columbia
    2-3″/ beach oyster, melon taste, salty finish
  • Wild Cat Cove
    Hood Canal – S. Puget Sound, WA
    2.5”-3”/ Deep cup, firm plump meats- sweet collard green flavor with a sweet melon rind finish
  • Willapa Bay
    Willapa Bay, WA
    3″/ Full, firm meats with a light brininess, sweet flavor and cucumber finish
  • Midnight Bay
    Hood Canal, WA
    4”/ Full meats- A freshwater like brine, with plump meats and a mild watermelon finish
  • Kusshi
    Stellar Bay / Vancouver Island – British Columbia, Canada
    2″/ Nice salt content. Robust and full of meat with a sweet cucumber finish.
  • Deer Creek
    Southwestern Hood Canal, WA
    3.75″/ Light salt, cucumber finish