Market Update:

One word to describe this weeks line up…VARIETY! We have an excellent selection from coast to coast and beyond. From the Mid-Atlantic we are seeing Sole, Monkfish and Black Bass which arrived today, just in time for your weekend menu!  From the West Coast, we are bringing in beautiful Alaskan Kings, Sockeyes (prices are at the lowest of the season) and Cohos. From our local lakes, catch has been a little spotty with limited availability on both perch and walleye- please check with your local sales rep or the retail market for more information. From the southern waters, we have been seeing beautiful snapper and grouper varieties, as well as Corvina, Blueine Tilefish and Bluefin/ Yellowfin Tuna. And don’t forget to check out our oyster line up! With over 15 oysters in house, we have something for everyone. Continue reading to check out our newest featured oysters: Large Capitals, Reserve Capitals and Salazarian from our partners at Fathom Seafood.

Featured Specialty Seafood:

Jumbo Black Bass

Product Of: Massachusetts, USA
Catch Method: Handlines
Sustainability Rating: Best Choice

Along the Atlantic Coast, the Black Sea Bass Fishery has made an immense comeback within the last 20 years after being declared over fished. Thanks to improved reproduction/ growth rates and strict regulations, the fishery has completely recovered and is now deemed sustainable.

Now is the time to enjoy it as Black Bass is not always available. Black bass has a medium flake, mild/ delicate flavor and a tender, yet firm texture. It is extremely versatile and often used in whole fish preparations. Cooking preparations include baking, broiling, grilling, poaching, sauteing and steaming.

Blueline Tilefish

Product Of: USA- Gulf Wild, Tagged
Catch Method: Longlines
Sustainability Rating: Good Alternative

Tilefish are targeted within a selective fishery with little by catch. Firm and mild tasting, Tilefish offers a variety of options to the chef. Feeding heavily on crustaceans, it is mild, yet distinctive, clean in flavor and often compared to lobster or crab. The meat cooks up white with a firm, flaky texture.

Cooking suggestions include baking, broiling, frying, poaching, sauteing or pan searing.

Yellowfin Tuna

Product Of: Mid-Atlantic, USA
Catch Method: Hook/Line
Sustainability Rating: Good Alternative

Yellowfin Tuna has a mild, meaty flavor that is more flavorful than albacore, but leaner than bluefin. Bright red in the raw state, tuna turns grayish tan when cooked and is firm and moist, with large flakes. Yellowfin is excellent raw as sushi or sashimi, but is also great for grilling, broiling or searing. Tuna needs little flavor enhancement so we suggest to keep it simple!

Specialty Seafood Availability:

  • Castalia Bluehole Trout, Whole or Butterfly> Ohio, USA
  • Arctic Char Fillet> Iceland
  • King Salmon, Wild> USA
  • Sockeye Salmon, Wild> USA
  • Coho Salmon, Wild> USA
  • Cod Loins> Iceland
  • Fluke, Jumbo, Wild> USA
  • Monkfish> USA
  • Turbot Fillet
  • Tripletail
  • Sole Fillet, 4/6> USA
  • Whole Bronzini> Greece
  • Barramundi Fillets> Singapore
  • Cobia Fillets> Panama
  • Redfish, Farmed> USA
  • Halibut, Atlantic> Canada
  • Jumbo Whole Black Bass> USA
  • Golden Corvina, Wild> USA
  • Black Cod/ Sable> USA
  • Black Grouper> Mexico
  • Hog Snapper, 1-2, Wild> Mexico
  • American Red Snapper, Gulf Wild, Tagged>USA
  • Carribean Red Snapper> Mexico
  • Blueline/ Gray Tilefish, Tagged, Gulf Wild> USA
  • Bluefin Tuna Loins> USA
  • Yellowfin Tuna Loins> USA
  • Barrelfish
  • Kampachi

Featured Oyster of the Week:


Harvest Location: Spencer Cove, WA
Growing Method: Tide Tumbled
Size: Large 5″/ Reserves 3″
Flavor: Beautiful, pure, crisp, sea salt flavor with a clean finish. Very consistent. (Reserves-Grown slightly longer than the Capital under the same precise methods, this oyster is  bolder in flavor.)


Harvest Location: Pickering Passage, WA
Growing Method: Cylinder & Tumble
Size: Approximately 3″ | 60 ct.
Flavor: Medium brine, buttery dense meat with a mild granite finish

Additional Oyster Availability:

  • St. Anne
    PEI, Nova Scotia, Canada
    2.5-3″/Packed with flavor- clean and crisp; average salt content with mildly melon finish

  • French Kiss
    Neguac, NB, Canada
    2.5” / Deeply cupped with a briny liquor, profound salinity and a mild, sweet finish

  • Fat Baby
    Long Island, NY
    Extremely deep cups that are hand washed and graded, meats are VERY salty

  • Misty Point
    3”/ High salinity up front finishing sweet with a hint of celery and grass

  • Lt. Island
    Cape Cod Harbor
    3.5” / Full bodied with a buttery flavor and clean finish

  • Pickle Point
    PEI, Canada
    3″/ Robust, deeply cupped shells with a flavor profile driven by high salinity

  • Blue Hill

  • Beau Soleil
    Miramichi Bay – New Brunswick, Canada
    2.5″/ Refined and light flavor, medium brine and a slight yeasty Champagne-like finish

  • Great White
    Barnstable, MA
    3.5″/ Moderate salt content with prolonged sweet ocean finish

  • Dutch Island
    West Narragansett Bay, RI
    Mineral salt and umami finish

  • Pink Moon
    New London Bay- PEI, Canada
    2.75″/ Creamy meat with a perfect balance of salt and mineral on the finish

  • MoonDancer
    Damariscotta River, ME
    Very briny with a sweet finish

  • Hurricae Harbor
    Northumberland Strait, PEI
    3″ / High salinity with firm, crisp meats and a sweet finish

  • Dabob
    Dabob Bay – Outskirts of Hood Canal, WA
    3″/ Crisp and briny with a fresh and sweet melon finish

  • Shigoku
    Samish Bay, WA
    2.25″/ Flavor is sweet and briny with a cucumber finish

  • Capital/ Large Capital
    Spencer Cove, WA
    3″/ 5″ (Lrg)- Pure, crisp, pure, sea salt flavor with a clean finish

  • Salazarian
    Pickering Passage, WA
    3″/ Medium brine, buttery dense meat with a mild granite finish

  • Glacier Point
    Halibut Cove, Alaska
    2.75″/ Dynamic brine with a gentle crunch and clean vegetal finish