As the weather starts to break (finally!), the fishing conditions continue to improve. Seasonal openers and peak seasons are underway, including the opening of Copper River tomorrow and record Walleye landings in the Great Lakes. There is so much happening in the world of seafood that we are excited to share with you! Also, check out our excellent line up of both  Pacific and Atlantic Oysters that are currently available.


Market Update:

  • Wild Salmon: Copper River is set to open tomorrow, 5/16. Most other wild salmon areas will open by June 1st.
  • Farmed Salmon: Markets are edging higher. Chile is up, Europe (Faroe, Norway, Scottish) is slightly up and Canada is currently stable. Farmed Ora Kings are on allotment which is normal at this point in the year. The market should stabilize as the wild salmon availability will begin to increase.
  • Lake Fish: Yellow Perch has opened slow due to weather issues with high winds inhibiting fishing. Landings should improve as the weather improves. Walleye is landing at a record pace with some of the best Walleye catch in years. Most fish are mediums, but we are starting to see some jumbos make their way onto our docks.
  • Softshell Crab: Peak softshell season will be taking place over the next three weeks.
  • Halibut: Both coasts are producing halibut at this time which means that supply has improved, and pricing has stabilized lower than earlier in the season. Expect halibut landings to be strong until we get into the peak of wild salmon season as many fishermen hold quota for both and will switch over to wild salmon as openings and landings increase.
  • Grouper: Landings have improved since the closure and should continue. US and Mexico are fishing the Gulf for groupers now and supply is expected to be strong through the Summer months.
  • Snapper: Supply is short, and prices are strong. We expect to see better fishing for snappers as we get into the summer but as of now, we are still looking for better supply. We have been receiving excellent specialty snappers in house- Hogfish Snapper (pictured above), Onaga Queen Snapper (pictured in the main image), American Reds, Lane Snapper and Mangrove have all been available intermittently throughout this week. 
  • Swordfish: Supply is good and prices are reasonable. Better quality domestic sword landings should increase as we get into the summer and fall months and pricing should be good through the duration. Full Moon cycles will fluctuate prices slightly but nothing too drastic.
  • Tuna: Stable market, however, expect price fluctuations during Full Moon cycles. Quality remains top notch.
  • Sea Scallops: Supply and pricing are very good. Landings favor 12-15 count size. Expect attractive pricing as we reach the peak of the season in June. Supply and prices should be good through the summer.
  • Mussels: We will soon be at spawn time for mussels. Proper handling and extra care will help us get through the spawn that will last 3 to 4 weeks starting in late May. Keep mussels heavily iced.

Oyster Availability:

 East Coast Oysters

  • French Kiss: Miramichi Bay, New Brunswick, Canada/ 3”/ Medium body and sharp brine followed by a mild, sweet finish
  • Great White: Barnstable, Massachusetts/ 3.5″/ Moderate salt content with prolonged sweet ocean finish
  • Egg Island: Lewis Bay of Yarmouth, Massachusetts/ Full meats with a medium brine and earthy finish
  • Moon Dancer: Damariscotta River, Maine/ Very briny with a sweet finish
  • Misty Point: Virginia/ 3”/ High salinity up front finishing sweet with a hint of celery and grass
  • Lt Island: Cape Cod Harbor/ 3.5”/ Full bodied with a buttery flavor and clean finish
  • Martha’s Vineyard: Martha’s Vineyard, MA/ 3.5”/ Plump and full of liquor- very smooth
  • Thunder Caps: PEI, Canada 3″/ Rich and salty liquor with a crisp sweetness
  • Lady Chatterley: Northumberland Strait, 3″/ Consistent in size and shape, medium salinity and a bright, clean finish

West Coast Oysters

  • Shigoku: Samish Bay, Washington/ 2.25”/ Sweet and briny with a cucumber finish
  • Skookum: Little Skookum Inlet, South Puget Sound, WA/ 3.5”/ Full flavors, low brine and vegetable like finish
  • Purple Mountain: Hood Canal, WA/ 2.5-3″/ Mineral stone with hints of young cantaloupe
  • Sunset Beach: Lower Hood Canal, Puget Sound, WA/ 3.5” / Plump, robust meats that are briny and full flavored
  • Fanny Bay: Baynes Sound, British Columbia, Canada/ 2.75”/ Plump meats with full brine and a sweet mineral finish
  • Kumamoto: Oakland, Washington/ 2″ /Mild brine with creamy meats and a honeydew finish
  • Dabob Bay: Dabob Bay, Hood Canal, Washington State/ 3″/ Crispy and briny with a fresh, sweet melon finish
  • Miyagi: Hood Canal, Puget Sound, Washington/ 3″/ Full meat with crisp flavor and mild brine
  • Elkhorn: Willapa Bay, Washington Coast/ 3″/ Firm meats, high brine, sweet flavor and melon finish