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How to Host the Ultimate Clambake.

Hosting a clambake can cause even the best chefs, event planners, and caterers to break a sweat.  Never fear, we have everything you need to keep this Cleveland tradition alive and well (and promise the only sweat you'll break will be from running between the...

Crab Rangoon Super Bowl Dip

Crab Rangoon Dip with toasted Wonton or Pita Chips. A dip so simple it can be executed without sacrificing any of the game, commercials, or Justin Timberlake. Ingredients: 8oz cream cheese softened 8oz lump crab meat (drained) 6oz imitation, shredded crab...
Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern Features Catanese Classic Seafood

Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern Features Catanese Classic Seafood

Cleveland: Pighead and Perch Andrew Zimmern makes some unexpected taste discoveries in Cleveland. From beef souse to popcorn shoots grown in the dark to a whole pig head served on a platter, Andrew finds out that Cleveland’s food is full of surprises. Original Airdate...

November 5, 2018 Market Update

 Market Update: PREMIUM OYSTERS INBOUND THIS WEEK: Belons: Casco Bay, Maine 3"-4.5" strong brine with intense copper finishDeer Creek:  Hood Canal, Washington 3.75"  light salt, cucumber finish Onset: Buzzard's Bay, Mass. 3.5" Briny and robust with a...

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October 29, 2018 Market Update

  Market Update:  PREMIUM OYSTERS INBOUND THIS WEEK: Our oyster list includes Belons, Large Pemaquids, Deer Creeks, and St. Anne. We are also featuring a unique oyster this week SAIKO OYSTERS.  Saiko in Japanese means 'supreme'.  Harvested in Willapa...

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October 23, 2018 Market Update

(pictured above whole head-on Monkfish) Market Update:  Fresh Stone Crab Claw Season is open! Place your pre-orders now! Fresh Cooked Alaskan Red King Crab.  We have a small window of opportunity to purchase fresh Alaskan King Crab from Dutch Harbor,...

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October 15, 2018 Market Update

Whether you love or hate the impending Winter season, there's no argument that the shift in weather is perfectly accommodating to clam bake season in Northeastern Ohio.  We are awaiting any issues or closures due to the devastating hurricane that just hit...

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Sixty South: Pure Antarctic Salmon

Sixty South: Pure Antarctic Salmon Sixty South is the only premium sustainable salmon raised in the icy cold waters of the Antarctic. It operates the world’s southernmost farms over 10 hours away from any city, following strict environmental practices to raise salmon...

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Not only have the summer months brought openings in the seafood market (see wild salmon and lake fish below) but the recent temperatures are pretty much begging you to get outside and do some grilling.  Pictured above is a farmed Salmon fillet from the...

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  Farmed Salmon: Prices on farmed salmon from all origins are moving upward.  This trend is normal as demand during Lent and Mother's Day pushes prices up.  However, additional pressure is being placed on the salmon market worldwide by an algae bloom...

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THE BASICS Poke pronounced "POH-kay" and translates to "cut crosswise" referring to the raw cubed fish used in the dish.  The roots of poke date back to the early 1700's where locals in Oahu, Hawaii would simply prepare raw tuna or albacore with whatever was...

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