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How to Host the Ultimate Clambake.

Hosting a clambake can cause even the best chefs, event planners, and caterers to break a sweat.  Never fear, we have everything you need to keep this Cleveland tradition alive and well (and promise the only sweat you'll break will be from running between the...

Crab Rangoon Super Bowl Dip

Crab Rangoon Dip with toasted Wonton or Pita Chips. A dip so simple it can be executed without sacrificing any of the game, commercials, or Justin Timberlake. Ingredients: 8oz cream cheese softened 8oz lump crab meat (drained) 6oz imitation, shredded crab...
Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern Features Catanese Classic Seafood

Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern Features Catanese Classic Seafood

Cleveland: Pighead and Perch Andrew Zimmern makes some unexpected taste discoveries in Cleveland. From beef souse to popcorn shoots grown in the dark to a whole pig head served on a platter, Andrew finds out that Cleveland’s food is full of surprises. Original Airdate...

Seafood Current Archive – Issue 5

Camanchaca Rated Top Chilean Farmed Salmon We are proud to announce our Chilean Salmon vendor Camanchaca has been awarded the top Chilean Salmon Farming company by Seafood Intelligence 2015 Corporate, Social & Environmental Responsibility (CSER) Sustainability...

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Seafood Current Archive – Issue 6

Dom Petroff Caviar As we get closer to the holidays there are special luxury items chefs and consumers have on their shopping list. Caviar is one of those items. Catanese Classic Seafood has a great partner in Dom Petroff Caviar. We believe Dom Petroff represents the...

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Seafood Current Archive – Issue 4

Bell Farms In this issue we were to feature Bell Farms Aquacultures’ fantastic products. Unfortunately on July 31st Bell experienced a power outage due to an electrical storm in their Indiana location. Bell Farms president Norman McCowan said in a letter to...

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Seafood Current Archive – Issue 3

Gulf Wild Catanese Classic Seafood and Gulf Wild are partners in sustainability. The Gulf Wild group participated in our 2014 Sustainable Seafood event held at Canterbury Country Club. Jason Delacruz executive director of Gulf Wild gave a great presentation of the...

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Seafood Current Archive – Issue 2

Verlasso Salmon Catanese Classic Seafood is proud to partner with Verlasso Salmon, the first farmed salmon to reach “Good Alternative” status on the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch list. Verlasso’s efforts have set the aquaculture bar higher for all salmon farmers...

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Seafood Current Archive – Issue 1

Introduction Welcome to Catanese Classic Seafood’s inaugural newsletter edition! First of all, thanks for taking time from your day to read this report. We will report on seafood market news twice a month to help educate and inform you of current and pertinent...

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Oysters? Shuck Yeah, Cleveland!

It's an event that celebrates oysters, drinks, music and fun. Shuck Yeah, Cleveland! is this Saturday - October 25, 2014 - from 6 - 10 p.m. at Tyler Village at East 36th St.and Superior Ave.

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