Market Update: 

Making an oyster stuffing this holiday season? Place your pre orders now!

    • Belons: Casco Bay, Maine 3″-4.5″ strong brine with intense copper finish
    • Deer Creek:  Hood Canal, Washington 3.75″  light salt, cucumber finish 
    • Onset: Buzzard’s Bay, Mass. 3.5″ Briny and robust with a mineral finish 
    • Wellfleet: Cape Cod, Mass. 3.25″ sharp brine, seaweed finish
    • Thunder Caps: PEI, Canada 3″
    • Elkhorn: Willapa Bay, Washington 3″ beach-grown with firm meats and high brine, melon finish 
    • Kumamoto: Oakland, Washington 2″ mild brine with creamy meats, and a honeydew finish 
    • Kusshi: British Columbia, Canada 2″ decent salt content, meaty chew, cucumber finish
    • Compass Point: Samish Bay, Washington 3″ briny oyster with a melon finish 
    • Purple Mountain: Hood Canal, Washington 2.5-3″ Mineral stone underlay, cantaloupe notes
    • Saiko:  Saiko in Japanese means ‘supreme’.  Harvested in Willapa Bay, WA, these oysters live up to their name.  Grown in baskets to create a naturally tumbled, smooth, brown-shelled oyster with firm meat. The flavor profile is briny and sweet with a melon finish.  
  • Fresh Stone Crab Claw Season is open! Place your pre-orders now!
  • Cape Bay Scallops:  A specialty item that must be experienced in order to be appreciated.  Hand-harvested in the triangle region of Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod Bay, and Nantucket.  
  • Pumpkin Sword in house now! 
  • Incoming this week,
    • fatty, belly-cut Bluefin Tuna Loin
    • some unique Hawaiian display fish including Aweoweo, Wekeula, Golden Kali
    • Parrotfish.  
  • Great price on Monkfish this week. 
  • Keep an eye on scallops, price has been creeping up each week.  
  • Beautiful Domestic Groupers and American Red Snappers from the Gulf of Mexico. 
  • Lake Fish: Walleye is still plentiful.  We expect to continue to see Medium Walleye for the next few weeks.  However, only a limited amount of fresh or frozen Jumbo Walleye will be available.  Yellow Perch: The season is coming to an end so expect some fluctuations in availability.   
  • Mahi:  Mahi is in great supply and we are expecting to see big, beautiful fish arriving throughout the winter.  Price is down and would make an excellent menu or special option.  
  • Alaskan Halibut: The season for Alaskan Halibut is officially over.  
  • Norwegian Halibut: farm-raised, amazing quality, 10lb. and up fish.

New Fish Features:

  • Hawaiian Kanpachi: Similar to Amberjack, this premium yellowtail is farmed off the coast of Kona, Hawaii.  Endless preparation options are available including raw: sashimi, poke, ceviche or cooked: steamed, poached, sautéed, broiled, grilled, seared (you get the picture).  Not to mention, this fish has the sustainability, stewardship, health stats, and taste to make it one of our favorite new fish to present to consumers and restaurants alike.  Find more information here. 
  • Pacifico Striped Bass:  Pacifico Aquaculture’s striped bass are unique in that they are the only farmed striped bass to be given a 4-Star (highest rating) by the Best Aquaculture Program which evaluates the sustainability and practices of the processor, farm, hatchery, and feed of farmed seafood products.  Raised in the open ocean of Baja, California with minimal handling and quick delivery.  Find out more information here.


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