Santa Barbara Smokehouse

Smoked Salmon

  • Santa Barbara Cold Smoked
    Coastal Harbor Beechwood, Harbor Point
  • Santa Barbara Hot Smoked
    Honey Oak Farmed unsliced, Pacific Wild unsliced
  • Ducktrap Cold Smoked 
    Kendal Brook, Cold-Smoked Pastrami, Smoked Trout Fillet, Smoked Scallops, Mussels, and Shrimp
  • Dom Petroff Caviar 
    • Salmon Roe 50gm
    • Pacific White Sturgeon Royal 30gm
    • Ossetra Caviar 2x10gm packs 
    • Trout Roe 100gm 

      Ossetra Caviar

  • Shrimp 
    • Philly Wild American Texas Shrimp
      • shell-on, 5# box, Brown or white 
      • peeled and deveined, Tail-on, 20/1# bags 
    • Hand-Breaded Shrimp
      • Butterfly breaded coconut shrimp 16/20
      • Hand-breaded Butterfly 12/15, 16/20, 21/25 
    • Freshwater Shrimp “Scampi”
      • Shell-on/2# bags 4/6, 6/8, 8/12 
  • Fresh Fish and Seafood 
    • Premium Oysters
    • Stone Crab Claws 
    • Live Lobsters 
    • Hawaiian Kanpachi Fillet 
    • Pacifico Striped Bass 
  • Crab Legs, Clusters, and Claws 
    • King Crab Legs 20#/case 6/9, 9/12, 16/20 
    • 8/Up Snow Crab Clusters 
    • Snow Crab Claws Cap/Off 12/16, 16/20, 21/25 Jonah Cap-Off Cocktail Claws 12/16

Specialty Items for the Holidays

Tiramisu Cake from Brooklyn Cannoli Company: A luxurious Italian Dessert made with espresso soaked savoiardi cookies covered in a special mascarpone cheese mixture and finished with Dutch cocoa.

  • La Rose Noire
    • Macarons, Chou Chous, Tartes Passion, Carolines
      • Brooklyn Cannoli Company
        • Restaurant Style desserts including: mini/large cannolis, cannoli cream, sfogliatelle, and tiramisu 
          • Handmade Fully-Prepared Appetizers
            • Breakfast tarts, Crab Cakes, Dumplings, Pot Stickers, Spring Rolls, and more! 

La Rose Noire Macarons









  • Belons: Casco Bay, Maine 3″-4.5″ strong brine with intense copper finish
  • Chesapeake Bay:  Maryland and Virginia 3.5″+  mild, meaty, low salt content 
  • Onset: Buzzard’s Bay, MA 3.25″ Briny and robust with a mineral finish 
  • Thunder Caps: PEI, Canada 3″
  • Buckley Bay: Baynes Sound, BC 2″ beach oyster, melon taste, salt spray finish.
  • Sun Hollow:  Hood Canal, Washington 2.75″ sweet brine, earthy 
  • Kumamoto: Oakland, Washington 2″ mild brine with creamy meats, and a honeydew finish 
  • Kusshi: British Columbia, Canada 2″ decent salt content, meaty chew, cucumber finish
  • Wild Cat Cove: Pudget Sound, Washington 3″ gentle brine, melon rind finish

Fresh Stone Crab Claw Season is open! Place your pre-orders now! We will have medium and large incoming this week.  

Cape Bay Scallops:  A specialty item that must be experienced in order to be appreciated.  Hand-harvested in the triangle region of Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod Bay, and Nantucket.  

Icelandic Fish:  One of the highest-rated sustainable fisheries in the world.  Recognized by Monterey Bay Seafood Watch and the Marine Stewardship Council.  Fish available include Cod, Turbot, Arctic Char, and Haddock.  

Beautiful Domestic Groupers and American Red Snappers from the Gulf of Mexico. 

Monkfish: great pricing and quality over the past few weeks.  

Norwegian Wolffish Fillet. 

Chilean Seabass

Lake Fish: Medium Walleye is still plentiful.  We expect to continue to see fresh product through the first half of December.  However, only a limited amount of fresh or frozen Jumbo Walleye will be available.  Yellow Perch: only frozen or PF product is available. 

Mahi:  Mahi is in great supply and we are expecting to see big, beautiful fish arriving throughout the winter.  Price is down and would make an excellent menu or special option.  

Norwegian Halibut: farm-raised, amazing quality, 10lb. and up fish.

New Fish Features:

Hawaiian Kanpachi: Similar to Amberjack, this premium yellowtail is farmed off the coast of Kona, Hawaii.  Endless preparation options are available including raw: sashimi, poke, ceviche or cooked: steamed, poached, sautéed, broiled, grilled, seared (you get the picture).  Not to mention, this fish has the sustainability, stewardship, health stats, and taste to make it one of our favorite new fish to present to consumers and restaurants alike.  Find more information here. 

Pacifico Striped Bass:  Pacifico Aquaculture’s striped bass are unique in that they are the only farmed striped bass to be given a 4-Star (highest rating) by the Best Aquaculture Program which evaluates the sustainability and practices of the processor, farm, hatchery, and feed of farmed seafood products.  Raised in the open ocean of Baja, California with minimal handling and quick delivery.  Find out more information here.  

Images from Petrossian Caviar, Brooklyn Cannoli Company, Swiss Chalet Fine Foods, and Santa Barbara Smokehouse.