For the love of October! Clambake Season AND National Seafood Month… Can it get any better than this?!

Although we like to celebrate seafood all day, every day, we enjoy using this month to take a step back, and really appreciate the industry from start to finish. Our fisherman and suppliers, our employees, and our customers, thank you all! National Seafood Month also gives us an extra chance to spread awareness about sustainability and the health benefits associated with eating seafood, as well as acknowledge those who are already making a difference in the industry.

There is no better time than now to start focusing on smart seafood choices and the health benefits of eating a diet rich in seafood! While national seafood month is only recognized throughout the month of October, we hope to bring awareness to all and the benefits of making seafood a focus in your healthy lifestyle, year-round.

The latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans encourage families to eat seafood at least twice a week for its heart and weight benefits. The guidelines also highlight the importance for pregnant and breastfeeding women to eat more seafood to improve the health of babies.  While most Americans eat a substantial amount of proteins, seafood is consumed far too little at nearly half of the recommended amount.

Fish is low in total fat, high in protein, and rich in vitamins and minerals, like selenium, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and B vitamins.  Not only is seafood healthy, but preparing it is quick and easy! Most seafood can be prepared in just 15 minutes or less.

How does seafood, specifically omega-3’s better your health? Some of the top benefits on the list include cutting risk of a heart attack, improving long term eyesight, enhancing brain power and extending life span, as well as multiple benefits for pregnant women and their babies’ development.

Truly, the list is endless, but we will leave that to the professionals to explain.

Below are a couple of articles that find beneficial, as well as interesting regarding the benefits of eating a diet rich in seafood and Omega-3’s.


Maybe you want to increase your seafood consumption, but often struggle on how to do so? We often refer to the USDA’s list of 10 Tips to Get Seafood on Your Plate.

So, what is our biggest piece of advice? Take advantage of National Seafood Month and use this as an opportunity to try new things and eat healthier while doing so! Know that Classic Seafood is here to help with anything that you may need- whether it being the trusted source for purchasing seafood or providing any health facts, sustainability information or cooking details.