Georges Banks, Nantucket Lightship, The Elephant Trunk, Long Island Sound, some of the most famous Scallop fishing grounds in the world. We have boats working these great fishing grounds for us as well as those from around the world in Baja Mexico, Pacific Peruvian and the Sea of Japan to bring to port a diverse selection of Scallops. Contact us to find the Scallop that fit your needs.

Fresh Scallops

  • Domestic Atlantic Premium Dry Sea Scallops
    • U-8ct, U-10ct, U-12ct, U-15, 15-20ct, 20-30ct
  • Long Island Sea Scallops
    • 30-40ct
  • Japanese Haikaido Sea Scallops
  • Nantucket Cape Scallops
  • Peruvian Dry Scallops
  • Mexican Baja Bay Scallops

Frozen Scallops

  • IQF Dry Sea Scallops
    • U-10ct, 10-20ct, 20-30ct
  • IQF Bay Scallops
  • Scallops on the Half Shell

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