This Just In…

As I’m sure you know, Miami continues to struggle to get back to operational. We expect the flow of fish to start arriving in Miami Thursday and Friday (21st & 22nd). There will be many different industries looking to do the same thing. The actual amount of fish arriving into Miami might be less than expected. Grouper, Snapper and other southern species will be limited through next week. Many vendors are re-routing into NYC, Boston and LA. There is only so much cargo and airspace available overall, putting pressure on regular shipments into those ports. Due to this, we are even seeing delays of fish arriving from Alaska.

  • Coho landings have improved; We expect a steady flow of fish arriving over the next 2-3 weeks before the fishery winds down.
  • Columbia River is open for King Salmon and landings have improved in that fishery as well. The run should also last 2-3 weeks.
  • Pacific Dover Sole is being targeted now that Black Cod is finished in Canada, Dover should be good to go, weather permitting, until December 1st.
  • Yellow Perch are coming in strong and is expected to keep at this pace through October. Fall fish are fat and beautiful.
  • Walleye will be short until October 1st. We expect dribs and drabs until then. Walleye should be good until Thanksgiving.
  • Golden Trout will be short for the next 2 months and possibly until January.
  • Swordfish supply is good as fish are n ow showing in the North Atlantic. It hasn’t opened fully yet, but should be good to go until late October.
  • Barramundi is being diverted through NYC and into Boston to meet a truck to Cleveland. It’s like pulling a rabbit out of the hat but the trick has worked so far thanks to the efforts of all involved.
  • Cobia will be short until Miami is back to normal operation. Give it a couple of weeks before expecting much Cobia.