Sustainable seafood can be defined as seafood raised, caught, or harvested in a manner that protects the species and its environment for the future. The core values of sustainability regarding seafood are based on responsible management of all our waterways. The three components of sustainability are Social Responsibility, Environmental Stewardship and Traceability.


Our goal is to provide our customers with products we are proud to represent. We also have the responsibility to provide our workers safe conditions and a healthy environment in which to work. In turn, we support fisheries that reflect the same ideals. It is a piece to the sustainability picture to know the fishermen and seafood processors are treated as fairly as possible. We believe it is important to educate and inform our customers of responsible fisheries as well as those that are mismanaged.

Seafood sustainability is an ever-evolving journey and our ultimate goal is that all fisheries worldwide become sustainable. Though seafood sustainability is somewhat a matter of common sense, our vision is proper management of our waterways that will provide wonderful seafood products for all future generations.


Catanese Classic Seafood supports fisheries that demonstrate responsible stewardship of their representative species. We support aquaculture suppliers and wild species fishermen that engage in environmentally sound practices regarding their farming and fishing methods.


We place high importance on knowing that the seafood we source is documented and that our suppliers are accountable for providing us with products caught or farmed with proper environmental responsibility.