Lake Erie Yellow Perch

Catanese Classic Seafood is honored to be the only company in Cleveland offloading Yellow Perch boats directly from the lake to our facility.


We at Catanese Classic Seafood are proud to be the sole wholesale seafood company in Northeast Ohio offloading Yellow Perch boats at our docks. Our prime waterfront location offers our fishermen and women a safe harbor to dock their vessels. This allows us to have control over the entire process from the boat to the customers door. Being a Trap Net fishery, the fish are alive in the nets as they are lifted onboard the fishing vessel. The Lake Erie fishery is also a true day boat fishery, as the regulations only allow fishing from dawn to dusk. The boats lift live fish onto their boats and transport them directly to our docks and into our processing plant live and kicking. That’s as fresh as possible. Our skilled fish cutters scale, and hand fillet each fish and pack in containers for daily fresh sales. Our operation also produces the finest Individually Quick Frozen fillets. Packed with care in our own Classic label 11 pound cases. Catanese Classic Seafood is truly the only choice in Northeast Ohio for the finest Lake Erie fish.

Patty Ann Perch Fishing

Locally Caught Lake Erie Yellow Perch

  • Sustainable Fishery recognized by Monterey Bay Seafood Watch.
  • Trap net caught, Fish landed alive in nets. This allows by-catch to be returned to the lake alive and well.
  • Boats off loaded at our docks daily. Live fish insures the freshest quality product.
  • Ohio owned boats caught by local fishermen & women.

Hand Cut Lake Erie Yellow Perch

  • Supports the local economy from boat to table or store.
  • Fresh product available May through November.
  • Frozen IQF & re-fresh product available in the off season.
  • Hand cut by the best skilled yellow perch cutters in Northeast Ohio.
Hand cut Perch Fillet's from Lake Erie at Catanese Classic Seafood
Patty Ann Perch Fishing - unloading at the dock of Catanese Classic Seafood

Catanese Classic Seafood

The only fish house in Northeast Ohio located on the waterfront is proud to offer the finest quality Lake Erie Yellow Perch produced with pride, skill and care. Please contact us to start enjoying this treasure from the Lake.

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